sintex septic tank for small application

“Sintex” PWTS are compact & maintenance free and can be used in a de-centralized manner anywhere for proper treatment of waste water. To give the best solution, we have tied up with the world leaders in this area; M/s Aqua Nishihara Corporation, Japan.
“Sintex” Package Type Septic tank are compact, modular and can be used in a decentralized manner anywhere for treatment of Sewage It generates lots of water for non-potable use like irrigation or can be attach to the nature drain.

Underground tanks made from Fiber Reinforced Plastic that can endure earth's pressure and make the tanks strong and more durable.

  • • Uniformity in strength and performance
  • • Small land area required
  • • Flexibility to site conditions
  • • Aesthetic view
  • • Easy to handle & simple, fast to install
  • • Good temperature insulation
  • • No odour nuisance
  • • Simple and low cost in operation and maintenance
  • • Reduces water use
  • • Compact design with no below ground moving parts