sintex smc panel tanks

We are pleased to inform you that we are continuously working for evolving affordable solutions in vital sectors like water,housing, education, health and renewable energy for inclusive development. We believe SINTEX, a name synonymous with Water Tank needs no further introduction to anybody. We have been in forefront of innovation, bringing not only products but total solution to various domestic and industrial applications for more than 35 years. we have the widest range of designing & manufacturing capabilities in the field of Plastics in whole of Asia. We are also pioneers in the field of developing range of products for various applications of Prefabricated buildings, SMC Panel tanks etc.
The construction of tanks with large storage capacities has always been a major problem. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to build or install such tanks. If the regions happen to be mountainous or remote the task becomes even more difficult. Sintex have always been concentrating on basic human problems and trying to give permanent solutions to them. In line with the same spirit, we have successfully developed insulated panel tanks by using Insulated SMC Panels to meet the extreme temperature requirements of hot and cold regions. Sintex Panel tanks are supplied in knocked down condition in the form of panels, stays, supporting frames, nuts bolts etc. As elements for our SMC Panel Tanks are made in a centralized location, the quality is strictly maintained. In traditional construction, maintaining quality from site to site is a tough job. We have supplied / Supplying SMC Panel Tanks to various parties and have a huge demand in the market.

  • • Maintains quality of stored water even for long duration
  • • Light weight, extremely strong and very durable panels
  • • Very easy to handle and transport
  • • Easy in installation by plumbers and general technicians with the help of conventional tools.
  • • Easy to assemble at site in any size.
  • • 100% weather, water, moisture & rot Proot.
  • • 100% safe for drinking water storage.
  • • Easy to dismantle and shift in case of change in site
  • • Easy to increase or decrease the size