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Sintex Sandwich Panels

Sintex Sandwich Panels Sintex Sandwich Panels Sintex Sandwich Panels
Sintex Sandwich Panels

Sintex is introducing structural insulated sandwich panels for wall cladding & roofing for multifarious applications. Sintex sandwich panels are great both for new buildings & retrofitting / refurbishment to existing building structures. Sintex panels are made by using superior quality CFC free polyurethane foam along with appropriate corrosion resistant metallic facing material to deliver panels that combine excellent durability with beauty.

Sintex panels are made on the most modern continuous plant and possess superior properties as against others. They can be made with different types of facing materials, different thicknesses, property and exclusive joint system to deliver you the best combination of aesthetics, durability and thermal insulation.

These panels can be useful for the following applications:

  Industrial sheds
  Commercial complexes
  Pre-engineered buildings
  Cold rooms
  Cold storages
  Prefabricated houses
  Refrigerated vehicles
  Bunk houses
  Equipment shelters
  Air handling units
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