Sintex Water Tanks, Prince Pipe And Fittings, Thermodrain Frp Manhole Cover, Mumbai, India

Sintex Distributor Ship


We are authorised distributor of sintex following products :
Water tanks (including loft tanks & household drums belonging to hd & hdb series), reno & renotuff brand water tanks, bm 210-411, water tankers, underground tanks (sump tanks), frp underground tanks etc, environmental range of products, sub ground structure (including septic tank, manhole inspection chambers etc. ), industrial containers & tanks, pallets consisting of moulded pallets, supertuff pallets, warehousing pallets, ecopal pallets, poly-pallets, injection pallets etc. , insulated boxes, multi cans & dairy products, factory made doors, shutters, frames, loft covers, cabinets shutters etc.

: Sintex Black Water Tanks   |  Triple Layer White Water Tanks   |   Reno Water Tanks   |  Renotuf Water Tanks  |   Loft Water Tanks
: Sump Water Tanks For Small Application    |   FRP Water Tanks For Large Application
: Sintex Septic Tank For Small Application   |   Sintex Septic Tank For Large Application    |   Sewage Treatment Plant
: UPVC Plumbing Pipes   |   UPVC Pressure and Non Pressure Fittings   |   UPVC Pressure and Non Pressure Pipes   | 
Underground Drainage Pipes
: SWR Piping Systems
: PPR Plumbing Systems
: Ball Valves
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