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Roof Water Systems

CPVC Pipe and Fittings

Roof Water Systems


  • » Advanced system design
  • » Ensures efficient discharge and collection of roof water.
  • » Weather resistant
  • » Can withstand aggressive environments.
  • » Easy to install
  • » Saves costs


  • » Tensile strength
  • » To sustain heavy water load.
  • » Impact strength
  • » To ensure resistance to external blows.
  • » Vicat softening point
  • » To ensure stable dimensions


  • » These highly advanced systems are designed for efficient draining of roof water. Most useful in the constructions such as sheds/Warehouses, Mills/Factories, Hotels, Airports, Bus/Railway Stations, Village Houses, Bungalows, etc. where sloping roofs are provided.
  • » Joint Bracket : To connect two lengths of roof water
  • » Running Outlet : To provide an outlet for water anywhere along the length of roof water pipe line which is connected to the down line pipe.
  • » 90º Elbow (without outlet) : To change the direction of roof water pipe line through 90', normally at the corners.
  • » 90º Elbow (with outlet) : To change the direction of roof water pipe line through 90', and also provide an outlet for water which is connected with down line pipe.
  • » Short Stop end : To close the end of roof water pipe line.
  • » Stop end outlet : To close the end of the roof water pipe line and also provide and outlet for water, which is connected to the down line pipe.
  • » Support Bracket : To support pipes and fittings wherever necessary and strengthen the roof water pipe line.
  • » Top Bracket : To locate the support bracket and rafter bracket together and ensure proper connection between them.
  • » Single Socket Elbow (75, 110 and 160mm) : To join the roof water outlet with down line pipe.
  • » Clamp : To ensure perfect fixing between pipe and fittings.
  • » Pipe Clip (75, 110 and 160mm) : To provide support and ensure proper fixing of down line pipe on the wall.
  • » Roof Water Pipes : To collect the water from the roof and convey to the down line pipes. Available in 3 mtr. Length.
  • » Down Line Pipe (75, 110 and 160mm) : To convey the water collected in roof water pipe line to ground level. Available in 3 mtr. Length with one end socketed.
  • » Rafter Brackets (Top/side) : To support the complete roof water pipe line with rafters. Available for top and side supports.
  • » Rubber Gasket : To provide leak proof joints.
  • » Rubber Seals : To ensure leak proof joint of single socket elbow.

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