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Sintex Doors

Sintex Doors

In line with our innovating and pioneering spirit, we brought to the country PLASTIC SECTIONS from which doors were made and installed by a lot of individual fabricators. These doors found acceptance in bathrooms, toilets & kitchens all over the country but did not satisfy the consumers' demand in totality owing to variations in workmanship, quality of components and quality of service. We therefore, felt the need of doors made in our factory with components that would deliver excellent quality, durability and value to the customers.

Using state-of-the-art assembling facilities, we are now pleased to present you FACTORY MADE DOORS in 6 different types and 6 different sizes that can service practically all internal openings in homes, offices, factories, hotels, clubs, hospitals etc.

Key Features of SINTEX Factory Made Doors :
  Made on state-of-the-art assembling plants to exacting specifications.
  Neatly packed to maintain pristine quality of doors.
  Free from as assembled with stainless steel screws.
  Perfevtly designed for stability and versatility.
  Water proof, Rot proof, Weather proof & Termite proof.
  Maintenance free.
  Uniform quality
  Enduringly elegant
  Compatible with Sintex or other Conventional door frames.
  Available in standard and custom sizes.

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